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In Hectic Times, Simplicity is Key 

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 August 27, 2014 

By: Mark James

You are about to board a flight and need to execute a contract. An urgent email appears requesting you prepare financials for tonight’s board meeting. The phone rings – It’s your spouse – your daughter needs your advice. As “Last call for all passengers on flight 109” echoes over the intercom, you frantically try to get the contract out. 

Sound familiar?

In today’s world we often find ourselves wearing multiple hats. Technology has allowed us to do more with less, at the same time blurring the lines between the time when our work life ends and home life begins.

Increasingly, we perform critical business tasks away from the office, and are using mobile phones or tablets as the platform of choice. Wearing multiple hats, we juggle between simultaneously events.

eSignatures can provide an effective way to streamline processes, while reducing costs and enhancing customer experience, freeing up time that can be allocated to critical business tasks or your son’s latest crisis.

As many of us do not consider ourselves technologist, providing a simple, nonintrusive user experience helps ensure a successful implementation.

Whether you are initiating a document sign-off or the recipient signing, excessive steps and cumbersome processes may push you to opt for more familiar manual paper-based methods, derail the opportunity to achieve the desired outcome.

Industry experts estimate that abandonment rates for online processes range from 50% – 90%. To avoid this pitfall, it’s essential your eSignature solutions delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Adobe clearly gets this and demonstrates a deep understanding of human-centric design in their implementation of their e-Signature solution, EchoSign.

Adobe has put a lot of thought into the user experience and has sought to make e-signing as simple and transparent as possible. This commitment is evident in every aspect of the product.

On launching EchoSign, the first thing you notice is a clean, elegant interface. One can quickly distinguish the dashboard information and identify steps to start and complete a signing process.

Sign-in, simply drag-n-drop the document you want signed onto the interface, add the recipient’s email address, hit send and you’re done! Signing a document is just that simple!

Adobe has clearing analyzed the various signing workflows and optimized EchoSign to minimize the steps required to complete common task – reducing steps by 30%. That time back in your hand!

EchoSign’s interface never feels congested. Information is organization in a clear, easy to read manner, making it easy to find what you are looking for. The ability to work in the browser, Adobe Reader or your enterprise application allows you to focus on getting your document signed while using the process that’s right for you.

You want to email your client a contract? Go ahead! You can send it right from the free Reader. Is your agreement in your CRM tool? Not a problem, signing is a click away!

Whether you’re the originator or recipient of a document that needs to be signed, EchoSign simplifies the process so you can put your focus on more important things – like improving that golf stroke.

Learn more about how Adobe Echosign is helping companies transform their business.