Apple Release Shortcuts App with iOS 12

Apple Release Shortcuts App with iOS 12

Category : Mobility

With the official release of Apple iOS 12, Apple introduced an intriguing new technology call Shortcuts. Shortcuts was first released as part of iOS 12 beta. The application required to create the actual Shortcuts was only available to developer.

With the official release of iOS12,  you can download the shortcuts application to develop custom scripts that automate common tasks.

Imagine dialling into your daily conference call, automatically logging into your favorite conferencing tools and putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, all with a simple voice command. You could plot a road trip by having your iPhone. Use a short cut to grab the itinerary from your calendar, automatically plot your route, play your favorite iTunes playlist and log your kilometers. The potentials are endless and can be achieved using simple Siri commands.

Shortcuts can execute a series of simple sequences that a user prescribes or can evolve into more sophisticated routines that take various factors into consideration.

Now that I’ve downloaded the Shortcuts application (which is available on the Apple Store), I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities. I created my first Shortcuts in less 5 mins. A basic understanding of programming concept is helpful for anyone creating sophisticated Shortcuts. Otherwise it’s a simple drag and click interface.

Down the road I’d like to see if Shortcuts can help purge unwanted emails. Time to start thinking about all the repetitive tasks I perform on a daily basis.

From what I can determine, Shortcuts works with all the pre-installed iOS applications, though with some limitation (Will discuss in next blog). You can also automate basic tasks using most iOS applications. I’m interested in seeing how easily I can manipulate an array of information and streamline actions such as sending out holiday greetings. I anticipate software developers will expand support for Shortcuts over time opening up the ability to further automate workflows

Stay posted as we will provide regular updates on iOS 12 Shortcuts and discuss further ways we believe this technology can add value to customers..


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