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Engagin Solutions assists organizations trying to improve on their customer engagement. In today’s global market, the old way of  engaging customers does not work. Businesses have to make a change; deciding whether the change is external or internal or both is vital.
Engagin Solutions will facilitate your business mandate from implementation of the conceptual design, through the change management while employing the latest technology.
Engagin Solutions specializes in the following areas:


Solution(s) Integration and Automation

Businesses looking to streamline the process of administering disjointed information system to provide a better 360° view of information can maximize Engagin Solution to:

  • Streamline administration and enhance access and data quality by integrating disparate information systems.
  • Accelerate access to information thus extending information systems to the web, cloud or mobile environment.
  • Expedite business efficiency through streamlining and automating critical business processes.
  • Reducing errors and increasing accuracy of data capture.
  • Simplify how customers interface with the data capture experience.
  • Accelerating time to market and time to change cycles.
  • Streamline data collection and automate data transformation.



Digital Transformation


A major step to digital transformation is the process of modernizing existing business processes with the migration to a paper base process, integrating data systems and utilizing cloud and mobile technologies. Appropriating this strategy allows organizations looking to make the leap setup the platform necessary for them to  experience the benefits of the digital transformation revolution.

Engagin Solutions will employ our 20 years of expertise in the transition from paper base processing into innovative digital solutions to help you:

  • Improve access and reach of critical business information.
  • Deliver anywhere anytime solutions.
  • Redesign business processes with new innovative approaches.
  • Develop information strategies that ensure the modernization of information.
  • Develop document management, data retention and data auditing solutions.



 Communication Management

Communication Management is a systematic way of planning, implementing, monitoring and administering revisions for all levels of communication within and between organizations. This provides the opportunity for organizations to:

      • Realize increased productivity.
      • Achieve consistency and enable the dissemination of communication across multiple channels.
      • Transition to a content-centric workflow that refines how information flows with the development of strategies for the management of communication.
      • Facility the digital transformation strategy within your organization.
      • Minimize security breeches and enhances data retention associated with regulatory compliance.





With increasing regulatory requirement coupled with the need to extend information systems to a broader mobile audience, thus increasing cyber vulnerability, a strong security and risk manage strategy is critical.

Engagin Solutions can:

  • Assist with risk assessment and security strategies.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, information privacy and security concerns are met.
  • Analyze, design or develop security methodologies for cloud and mobile based solutions.
  • Develop rights management solutions that allow organizations to extend sensitive information outside of the corporate firewall.

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